Grassroots mentoring program is for grassroots football clubs who are looking for support for their parent coaches who step up for the season to take on their sons football team or just stepping up to help the club. We find many parents who step up sometimes are left to coach blind with little support or mentoring. Parents who also volunteer to coach are human beings and normally cannot get out of work until late and arrive at the training sessions with 5 minutes to start. Coaching grassroots football can be very challenging, sometimes things don't go the way you planned, players sick or not turning up, we can help parents with how to adapt to various situations. 

MFAA has helped many grassroots parents and clubs with allowing them to attend our sessions or we can run short workshops about how to run a realistic, simple session for ages 6 to 12s and even older players. We know ourselves it can be stressful running sessions for players and with some support and guidance, parents can feel comfortable and supported with running sessions. 

Our main purpose for this is to make grassroots better for the future and we are happy to run workshops for clubs about grassroots player management, how to deal with difficult kids, how to get the best out of the session with the time you have, how to manage subs and games on the weekend and many other aspects of coaching grassroots. We are not here to say that we can fix everything in grassroots football however some of our methods have been successful in seeing grassroots players develop into better human beings and footballers.



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