During the off-season players tend to fall out of shape and their fitness levels they once had are now but gone. With this new program at MFAA we look to keep those fitness levels going and get them not just ready for preseason but also ready for season.

This program will be 2 parts of 6 weeks, one in Term 4 and the other in Term 1 2021. It will be twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday in the afternoon.

What to Expect:

During these 12 weeks we will look to improve fitness as well as speed, endurance, and agility. In these sessions’ players will undergo many fitness tests, lots of repetition, as well as strength building of the muscles to help players not just to perform in games but also help them from getting injured.  During this time we will be recording each players data from each session to help see their progression throughout the first 6 weeks and then the next 6 weeks. Within these sessions as well we will look at recovery and help players to understand the benefits and importance of recovery.

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