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Community Work -Jimmy

During my years building Motivate Football Academy Australia, I have built many relationships with different clubs and with people who are heavily involved in community work throughout Canberra. Through these relationships we have helped many players gain access to either free or low cost football training sessions as well as never turning away anyone who could not afford them. 


Motivate Football Academy Australia has been able to give back to children throughout the community by giving them school books, football boots, training kits and equipment. Also at our academy we continue to be involved in many fundraising events to help provide families and their children with food hampers especially during difficult times through unexpected events. These fundraisers have helped to show those involved at Motivate Football Academy Australia that we are not just simply a football academy but an academy that gives there best to others who are struggling in life. 

Over the years, I have seen many expensive football programs that even I could not afford when I was young, so I wanted to create and provide the most professional training environment as well as offer many programs as I could to low socioeconomic footballers. The program includes many players from Sudan, Liberia, Nigeria and many other countries.


Over the years I have helped many refugees as well as other players who have been left out of football because they couldn’t afford paying the fees. I have also helped children who have been in the wrong pathway in life and helped mentor them to live their best life. 

Through our program some of our players return to become coaches and help to give their knowledge and experience back to the young children and teenagers, and help them to succeed in their future. At MFAA we have a great family feel between all of our coaches, parents and children. 

Motivate Football has also been lucky enough to create 2 foundations, one in Sierra Leone and one in Sudan through our friendships in the football community in Canberra. These foundations have helped over 200 players, given coaches access to football equipment, school materials and feeding days. In 2019, I visited the foundation in Sierra Leone for 10 days and it was a very rewarding experience. To be able to meet the kids, the coaches and see how much hard work has gone into the foundation over there is quite inspiring. Just being able to see how that hard work has changed a small part of the country has given those involved a lot of happiness over the years. We are planning to visit Sudan in 2021 to visit the kids, coaches in the foundation over there as well.




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