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Founder and Head Coach

Coach Jimmy

My name is Jimmy MUONGSENE, I created Motivate Football Academy to help players with building confidence within themselves and using football to make better human beings in life. I was not the most talented player in my team or the most skilled player, I was never the first picked player for any squad and was left on the bench most of my life.

With these constant obstacles of never making the starting line-up, I decided to commit myself to training extra outside of my club football to improve on my skills, fitness, speed and mental toughness to see if I could become a better player. I worked with the futsal ball for hours in my spare time, I ran up hills and dribble the ball up hills, I worked on short speed drills day in and day out as I wanted to be just a player who would be picked for the starting line-up.

Over a few months, I felt my confidence grow from each training session to each game, I felt like I was performing with confidence and my mental game was improving, I taught myself how to deal with setbacks and obstacles in football by training harder and smarter on my days off. Over a few years I became one of those players who was always picked for the starting line and became captain of my team several years in a row because I taught myself how to be a humble football player who was willing to work hard and be coachable to my coaches and help my team-mates no matter what the score was.

I never was an ex-professional player and never played first grade, only had a few runs as I was not good enough, but I loved training and doing the best that I could for myself. This is the main reason for creating Motivate Football which is to help players in how I taught myself to become the best player I can be and help players with mental toughness skills in football which can be later used in life.

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