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Our methodology

Motivate Football Academy Australia is about hard work, respect, commitment, attitude, character, motivation and the will to succeed.

Our vision is to create a football academy that motivates, mentor players of any age, and teaches them if they work hard they can improve and become a better footballer.

Our methodologies are focused on individual skills and building on the basics of dribbling, such as being comfortable and confident with the ball, as well as having no fear when taking on players. These techniques are half street football and half futsal.

We help players with decision-making, and problem solving under pressure.

We work on improving smarter and more intelligent players, which is based on European techniques. However, the most important part of our training is allowing players to make mistakes and letting them learn how do it differently the next time.

In 2017, we helped over 40 players secure a spot in the NPL/WPL for season 2018 from ages 13 to First Grade, many players are from the community league who never thought they could play at the NPL level however we mentored them and taught them about hard work will always pay off if they put in the extra training to prepare for trials.  We have also helped many players become captains, vice captains and leaders in their team where before they came to MFAA, they were shy low confidence players, we mentor the players to learn to deal with mistakes and bounce back from those mistakes and to never give up.


The Academy and Community will work very closely with the young people and improve their individual needs by developing programmes which will enhance and strengthen their weaknesses and overall football/sports potential. This will involve a variety of topics and workshops such as fitness, intensive exercise, anti-racism, drugs awareness, culture and attitude, along with informal education within the field of sports. This will hopefully give some of the less confident young people the self esteem and belief that sports can be played by anyone and everyone within a safe and enjoyable environment.

The Academy and Community organisations also want to highlight the issue of increasing youth and sports participation among those who may not have access to, or interest in, a team or individual activity.

The Academy and Community coaching and management staff and volunteers will work with representatives from local schools, youth and community organisations - teachers, mentors and youth workers - to recruit young people for both Academy and Community programmes.