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Our Methodology focuses on helping players become the best player they can be regardless of their ability. We have proven with our players that if they are willing to learn and are coachable players, they can improve as we have seen many of our players become leaders and captains for their current teams.

Our main training drills involve skill with the ball, fitness, speed, building confidence in players how to beat defenders 1 v 1 and lots of repetition of these drills. In addition, our training program involves mental toughness training as well where we push all our players to work hard when they are tired, work hard when they feel like giving up and push even harder when they are faced with obstacles in football. We want all our players to be physically and mentally fit in the second half of their match, we want our players to play 100% to the final second and show their coaches and their teammates they never give up.

A big part of our training program is educating the players to become better human beings in life so if they ever leave football one day, they will remember what we have taught them and take that to live a good life, we have many players who have shown the true values of motivate football and this is our reward knowing that these players have become better human beings.


MFAA has also been involved in helping community clubs within Canberra with independent gradings from ages 10-18, which started in 2019. Through this we help clubs to go through a process in their gradings and help run smooth sessions to allow coaches to focus their attention on the players themselves. MFAA continue to help with clubs around Canberra with these gradings and if you as a coach/club are interested in needing some help do not hesitate to send us an email for further information. 


Personal Development

At MFAA personal development has been such an important

part of the work being done here at the academy. This personal

development is not just for the players but also for the coaches

who have been lucky enough to participate in clinics with other

academies from Australia. Some of these clinics include the FC Barcelona Escol/Real Madrid Foundation Clinic and the Celtic International Football Academy. From these experiences some of our coaches were had the opportunity of being inducted into the academy as well as find out how they train and educate their players. Our coaches were able to see their session plans and learn from these to see what they could use to adapt to their own session plans. Working with these academies through these clinics has helped our coaches gain more knowledge as well as find new ways to train players and help them become successful. 



Motivate Football Academy was fortunate enough to be able to send two players to Argentina to train at Club Atletico San Jorge. Our Senior Coach Gabriel WILK helped these two players get introduced to the club through his relationships with the coaching staff there. Wilk has years of experience with coaching first grade teams, most recently for Cooma Tigers FC. He has also won many premiership titles throughout the years in Canberra and most recently he won the FFA Cup in Canberra 2019. His experience in coaching is helped with his background of playing, where he played for Argentina professionally.


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