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Skills development group session

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At MFAA our Skills Development Group Sessions are all about players working with other players in a team environment. These sessions help our players to learn and adapt with working together. Through these sessions we look to push our players to strive for the best, as well as put them in a mental toughness based session. We look to work on their ball work, speed, fitness, agility and their decision making within these group sessions. We hope through these sessions that players are able to take back what they learn to their teams and help themselves to succeed in their games. 

1 on 1 sessions

At MFAA our 1 on 1 Sessions are sessions specifically for players who want specialised training with a coach. These sessions are done individually and are created to help cater the player in what they need to work on as well as what suits them best. Through these sessions coaches look to add mental toughness coaching to help the player push themselves to be better both on and off the field. Our 1 on 1 Sessions can be done with a coach of your choice to help make sure that the players are continuing to learn and gain experience from these sessions. 

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At MFAA our Small Group Sessions are sessions which include 2-5 players to work on wanting to build individual skills, able to train through a mental toughness setting, and be comfortable training with others. These sessions are similar to 1 on 1 sessions and look to cater what the players want to work on as well as what would suit them best in a group environment. 

Small Group sessions

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striker sessions

At MFAA our Striker Sessions are about working with players to help them gain confidence in front of goal. These sessions are specifically designed to help players get to that attacking position as well as following through with their shots on goal as it can be daunting at times when players lack confidence. In these sessions our drills are based on lots of repetition especially with striking the ball. We also help players try and make the right decisions in front of goal, as well as their placement of the ball, as at times players rush this decision. When our players go through these sessions we want them to gain confidence of taking those opportunities at goal and feel confident that they made the right choice. 

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mental toughness group sessions

Mental Toughness has always been a strong focus in our sessions. Its important for all players to build their character and resilience to prepare to play at a high level and for life's obstacles. We educate the players about how to deal with negative talk and slowly build their confidence with each training. Mental toughness does not mean we train the players until they break, its about training the players mind and football intelligence, understanding the players minds and thoughts so they can teach themselves to break negative habits and motivate themselves outside of club football to take the ball down to the oval and train themselves. We know all players are different in ability and confidence, we work with the players patiently in each session to help them grow as footballers and most importantly to become good human beings in life.