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June 2nd 2019



Motivate Football Academy partnered with International Field Contractor (IFC) to host the 12 hour marathon event for Sierra Leone. Founder of MFAA Jimmy Muongsene and Founder of IFC Timothy Stephens hosted the 12 hour marathon which was created to help raise money to travel to Sierra Leone and visit the MFAA Foundation. The 12 hour marathon consisted of Jimmy running or dribbling a ball for a 12 hours straight. Jimmy started the marathon at 6am on June 2nd where it was a cold morning, he finished the marathon at 6pm in front of a massive MFAA crowd. Jimmy was able to keep going for the entire time with the support and help from friends and family, who cheered him on or ran beside him. At the end of the day the fundraising event was very successful and raised a lot of funds.  

12 HOUR MARATHON DRIBBLE on 2nd June 6am
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