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Motivate football foundation 4 kids

In 2016, Motivate Football Academy entered a partnership with Helping Hands Foundation in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Through this relationship MFAA collects donations all year round which can include soccer boots, jerseys, training kits, equipment, school books and supplies. These donations are then sent to Sierra Leone where they are given to the hundreds of players and students who are in need of these. Coachie Abdul is the Founder and Director of the Helping Hands Foundation where he has started a football academy for over 100 kids. Abdul also works with many schools in Sierra Leone to provide educational material, which helps to give the children a brighter future as well as motivate them to do well in school and football. With the continuing contributions made from MFAA, MFAA took the lead with the foundation and Helping Hands was dissolved. It has since been changed to the Motivate Football Foundation 4 Kids. MFAA is proud to be partnered with foundations and will continue to help this organisation as much as we can. 

MFAA has official foundations in Sierra Leone, Sudan and recently commenced one in Laos in Jimmy's home country.


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Gungahlin United and Motivate Football Academy



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